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Meat Industry


To talk about cured products such as ham, shoulder, loin or sausages is to talk about care in every detail, the importance of the animal and respect for the raw material.

Added to its respect for these values, the Vall Companys Group offers the production capacity of a Spanish and European leader in the agrifood industry: craftsmanship and quality with guaranteed delivery anywhere in the world.

Integrated Production System

The Vall Companys Group's cured products follow a fully vertically integrated production system. Within this system, the group's different companies are present in each stage, from genetic selection and farrowing of the best specimens, diet and veterinary control, rearing on affiliated firms, and slaughtering and quartering in compliance with the strictest quality and safety standards, to drying and curing by the group's master ham makers.

This system assures a guaranteed, consistent quality and total traceability of each product.

Quality Control at Source
Farrowing and rearing group-operated farms
100% Natural diet
We make all our feed ourselves
2,000 Partner farms
High level of animal welfare
Open-air grazing for acorn-fed Iberian pigs
Integrated pharmaceutical laboratory
Maximum quality assurance
Only meat, salt and air
Curing process controlled by master ham makers
Multiple format capacity
Integrated Facilities


The Vall Companys Group has more than 2,000 affiliated farms distributed around Spain, each one specialised in a particular breed. All of them implement animal welfare systems; the animals receive a quality feed based on cereals and pulses, with specific feeds produced by group-owned companies.


The group's acorn-fed Iberian pigs are reared on natural oak pastures and are fed on wild acorns and pasturage. Swineherds are employed to take the pigs to pasture. The animals live the last 6 months of their lives in the open air and, as they move, their prized fat becomes infiltrated in the muscle.


The Vall Companys Group operates four group-owned abattoirs and two partner abattoirs, equipped with state-of-the-art slaughtering and quartering, quality control and shipping systems. In addition, each plant’s employees are trained to get the best from each cut, treating the meat with special care to preserve its wholeness and structure.


The hams and shoulders produced by the Vall Companys Group are supplied by group-owned or subcontracted drying facilities operated by the group in Spain. In all cases, the products are kept for the exact drying and curing times indicated by our master ham makers, in strict compliance with the conditions specified for each one.

Breeds of Pig
Capa Blanca
Capa Blanca

This is the most popular pig breed. It originates from very specialised breeds that provide quality lean meat. Our pigs come from crosses between Pietrain, Large White and Landrace.


This breed produces meat with a high degree of fat infiltration, with a flavour and juiciness far superior to the white pig. It is an excellent breed for producing loins and cured hams, and very suitable for complementing with the virtues of other breeds, particularly with Iberian stock.


Our Iberian fattening pigs are fed a diet based on cereals and pulses (wheat, corn, barley…), and are reared in special, low-density farms equipped with multiple animal welfare systems.

Acorn Iberian
Acorn Iberian

Our acorn-fed Iberian pigs are reared in the open air on the best grazing land. Their fat, infiltrated between the muscle fibres, has a high percentage of oleic acid, a clear indication of their quality: this is a nutrient that is also found in products such as virgin olive oil.