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The production of pork from white pigs in the different companies in the group stands at over 4.3 million animals per year. A constant, high level of quality is achieved in all companies due to integration and verticalization of processes.

Vall Companys also has 3 abattoirs and four meat processing plants, which generate over 300,000 tonnes of top-quality, fresh pork for export to the most demanding international markets.

  • Patel
  • Cárnicas Cinco Villas
  • Frivall
  • Frimancha
  • ICP

In addition to the production of meat from white pigs, the Vall Companys Group produces and distributes fresh meat and processed meat products from Iberian and Duroc pigs, with the same guarantees of quality and traceability as the rest of the Group's areas: verticalization of processes and full genetic integrity of all breeds of animal.

The result is a full range of Iberian and Duroc products, with the same organoleptic properties and the maximum guarantees of food hygiene and safety: a clear commitment to pork.

  • Frimancha
  • Meat processing

    Meat processing

    Patel – Frivall – Cárnicas Cinco Villas
  • Frozen


    Patel – Frivall – Cárnicas Cinco Villas
  • Offal


    Patel – Frivall – Cárnicas Cinco Villas
  • Self-service products

    Self-service products

  • Iberian and Duroc

    Iberian and Duroc


Pigs produced in the Vall Companys Group come from the Group's own reproduction centres. In these centres, specialists control all stages of each birth, from the extraction, cataloguing and genetic integrity of semen, to the fertilization of breeding females and the care of animals in the first days of their lives.

The rearing of animals in the over 2,100 farms associated with the Group, and the handling and slaughter of animals, are carried out according to the strictest animal welfare regulations. In addition, all the products used in the process (feeds, veterinary medicines, etc.) are produced in Vall Companys companies, which ensures a high level of traceability and quality of each item.

This is the most popular type of pig for its size. It comes from very specialized breeds that provide lean meat. Our pigs are from crosses between Pietrain, Large White and Landrace. From these pigs, we obtain the raw material for our meat products.

Our grain-fed Iberian pigs feed on cereals (wheat, corn, barley) and leguminous plants, and our acorn-fed pigs are reared in mountain areas on the best pastures. A clear sign of quality is the fat that is interspersed with the muscle fibres, which is high in oleic acid. Oleic acid is a nutrient that is also found in virgin olive oil products.

This breed is characterized by meat with a high degree of infiltration of fat, giving it a far superior taste and more juiciness than meat from white pigs. It is highly suitable for the production of loin and cured hams, and is an ideal breed to combine with the qualities of other breeds, particularly the Iberian.

  • Agrocesa
  • Agroturia
  • Afrivall
  • Gepesa
  • Nutrivall

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