• Animal feed
    In Vall Companys we produce the feed that our animals eat, following strict quality policies.
    Animal welfare 
    We follow the strictest animal welfare policies in all our processes, both in the breeding
    Associated farms
    Some 2,100 farms around Spain, located close to production centres, work exclusively to rear our animals.
    Beef industry
    Every year, we produce in our abattoirs and meat processing plants over 13,000 tonnes of top quality beef.
    Bread flours
    The Group’s flour division produces bread flours and special flours in its four mills, as
    Controlled reproduction
    We control the reproduction of our pigs and monitor everything, including genetics, to maintain the
  • Cured ham
    The range of hams and shoulders covers all levels, from white pig and Duroc to
    Drying sheds
    We have our own drying sheds for all the ranges of ham, certified for the
    Integrated logistics
    Logistics in the Group, which are also integrated, ensure a high level of safety in the transport and storage of food.
    Multiple meat group
    We produce pork, poultry and beef, fresh, frozen, cured and processed.
    Our background
    The Vall Companys Group was founded 60 years ago as a flour manufacturer and is
  • Pastures
    Our Iberian acorn-fed ham comes from pigs reared in the mountains, drawing the best from
    Pork industry
    Each year, we produce over 300,000 tonnes of pork from white, Duroc and Iberian pigs,
    Pork processing
    Our pork abattoirs and processing plants have the latest technology for safety and efficiency and are operated by trained, highly qualified staff. 
    Poultry industry
    Each year, we produce 65 million chickens, which generate around 150,000 tonnes of quality meat, as well as other poultry varieties such as turkey.
    Poultry processing
    The Group’s poultry abattoirs and processing plants have high levels of food safety and are
    Processed products
    We have a wide range of quality processed pork, chicken and beef products to cover


    Vall Companys is a leading Spanish family-owned agri-food group founded in 1956.

    The Vall Companys Group operational model is based on the integration of all stages of the production process, and the work of dedicated professionals who are highly trained in their respective fields.

    Also worth mentioning is the introduction of latest-generation information systems in all mechanical areas, which link and automate the group's various production plants.

    Thanks to all this, we are able to guarantee total traceability in all processes, as well as high levels of food safety and constant optimal quality of the product.



    1956 - 1970: Bread Flours

    The Vall Companys Group began its activity with the purchase of the four mill "La Meta" in Lleida, which is dedicated to the production of bread flours (1956). Using by-products from the wheat mill, the company manufactured its first animal feeds. The first experience of integration in pig farming marked the creation of an innovative business model for Vall Companys, which was characteristic of the 1960s. The company began to enter the poultry sector. The foundation of the public limited company Vall Companys, and its establishment on the El Segre industrial estate, led to an increase in production volume and capacity (1970).


    1970 - 1980: Livestock Integration

    Development of an integration model, in which farmers provide facilities and labour. The rest of the services—animals, feed, veterinary control–are provided by the integrating company. The model was first used in the pork sector, and subsequently introduced in the poultry area. The increase in pork production led to an increase in feed production and distribution, from individual sacks to bulk orders. In a decade marked by sharp growth in livestock integration, the need for rigorous logistics management was met by the creation of Transegre, the Vall Companys Group's logistics company. In 1977, the company began to expand geographically, with the purchase of Gepesa, a poultry and pig feed manufacturer in Vic (Barcelona).


    1980 - 1990: Volume and Logistics

    The Vall Companys Group constructed a new flour mill with a capacity of 300,000 t/year; increased its own pig production to attain greater self-sufficiency in the supply of piglets (a precursor of traceability), and made its poultry market more vertical with the addition of its first abattoir, located in Tarragona (1984). The production of pharmaceutical products for veterinary use (in Mevet, the group's laboratory, and an independent internal auditor since 1989) ensured control of the medicines used in the Group from 1981 onwards.


    1990 - 2000: Quality and Traceability

    Vall Companys Group invested in quality and health control in a market that prioritized and demanded food safety. The Group continued its process of geographic expansion in the manufacture of commercial mixed feeds for pigs and poultry throughout the peninsula, constructed the Pondex hatchery (Lleida), and purchased Agroturia (Valencia) in 1993. Integration of pig farming continued to develop, with an increase in the number of the Group's own pigs, and self-sufficiency in the supply of piglets. The first centre was constructed for the insemination of pigs (in Lleida), to totally guarantee full genetic control.


    2000 - 2010: Verticalization

    The verticalization of the business was consolidated with the incorporation of various abattoirs for pigs and cattle, including Patel (Vic), Cárnicas Frivall (Cuenca) and Frimancha (Valdepeñas), as well as poultry processing plants and abattoirs for poultry, namely Costa (Girona) and Torrent (Barcelona). A new feed manufacturer and artificial insemination centre for pigs called Agrocesa (Valladolid) was added to the Group. The verticalization of the poultry business was completed with the purchase of the French multinational Doux in Spain (Avidel and Avigal). In the area of bread flours, the distribution capacity and customer services introduced in the previous decade was expanded.


    2010 - 2015: Guarantees for the future

    A period of greater contact with the consumer has begun. At the same time, large volumes are produced with a guarantee of quality, and the cost efficiency that characterizes the Vall Companys Group. Investments have continued in the industrial division, with the construction of a new feed plant in Ejea de los Caballeros and renovations in the abattoirs and poultry processing plants in Avidel and Avigal. The processed meat line has been boosted, as has the marketing of cured Duroc and Iberian hams and shoulders.


    The companies in the Vall Companys Group make up a completely integrated production and commercial process at all stages, from reproduction, feed production and animal rearing, to slaughter, meat processing, packaging and distribution of the end product, as well as all complementary processes (veterinary pharmacy, integrated logistics, etc.).

    This policy of verticalization and integration means that any product can be fully traced from its source, and ensures the constant quality of the entire production line. In addition, the companies in the Group meet demanding standards for certification and health controls, which are a guarantee of hygiene and integrity.


    As a result of the policy of reinvesting its profits, and the Vall Companys Group's firm commitment to innovation as a driver of growth, the Group's companies have access to the latest information system and automation technologies.
This, accompanied by a professional, highly involved team, means that Vall Companys is not only a guarantee of quality and service, but also a stable and trustworthy partner.


    The Group's facilities and production plants implement cutting-edge technology in all processes. They use latest-generation machinery and constantly optimized operating mechanics, as a result of a policy of constant innovation and development.
Thus, the Vall Companys Group attains the same high level of quality in all of its products. Its production process is increasingly efficient and safe for consumers and employees.


    The Vall Companys Group is one of the leading agri-food companies in Spain and Europe. Given its importance in the market and the volume of employees and business that it promotes, the Group gives particular importance to financial stability, and considers it a basic foundation to ensure its high reliability as a supplier, strategic partner and employer.


    The human team is the main force that enables a leader position at Grup Vall Companys. A committed workforce with a clear vocation for service that provides us with a distinguishing factor in order to undertake a constant growing for the group, along with strengthening it’s leadership among the different business units.


    One key factor in the operation of all processes in the Vall Companys Group is appropriate selection of raw materials and their handling in the supply chain. Consequently, purchase management is centralized in the Group, to achieve greater cost competitiveness, as well as the highest, consistent level of quality in all production processes.


    As part of its integrated production process, all the feed for livestock in Vall Companys is produced by companies in the Group, with feeds specially designed to meet the needs of the animals and to ensure the highest quality in all stages of the rearing process.

    Therefore, Vall Companys Group's feed is one of the mainstays of its meat production, and represents a guarantee of quality in the final product for the consumer.


    Mevet forms part of the Group's production process. It is a physico-chemical and microbiological analytical laboratory for feeds produced by Vall Companys, and is also responsible for producing the veterinary medicines that are used for rearing and handling animals.

    The production process in the company's laboratories is driven by innovation, uses the latest technology for manufacturing, preparation and packaging, and is certified to the most exacting standards.


    Storage and transport of food products is an activity that requires great responsibility and can have a negative impact on the final quality of products. As part of the production process, the logistics in the Group is carried out by Transegre, a company that is part of the Vall Companys Group. This ensures a high level of safety in the transport and storage of food.


    The range of companies in the Vall Companys Group cover every stage in a fully integrated production system. In addition, 2,100 associated farms collaborate with the group. They are responsible for rearing the animals and are situated close to the abattoirs and meat processing plants to ensure a high level of animal welfare during transport.

    The geographic location of the different companies and facilities of Vall Companys covers the entire Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands, which optimizes the quality and logistics of the group and ensures a uniform, efficient distribution throughout Spain.

    • Afrivall
    • Agrocesa
    • Agroturia
    • Avicosan
    • Avidel
    • Avigal
    • Calamocha
    • Carsiva
    • Cárnicas Cinco Villas
    • Cegeco
    • Comercial Grup Vall
    • Costa
    • Disporave
    • Dolz
    • Duriber
    • Frimancha
    • Frimancha Canarias
    • Frivall
    • Gepesa
    • Harinas Torija
    • ICP
    • Industrias reunidas Jabugo
    • Jamcal
    • La Meta
    • La Palentina
    • Mevet
    • Seresse
    • Molisur
    • Naturiber
    • Nutrivall
    • Patel
    • Pondex
    • Roper
    • Rubiato Paredes
    • Torrent
    • Transegre
    • Vall Companys

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