Flour production within the Vall Companys Group is carried out by companies in La Meta, situated in Lleida, Palencia, Guadalajara and Sevilla. The joint production capacity of bread flours in all of these companies is 420,000 tonnes. They produce six special flours and flours based on cereals other than wheat.

Of particular note is a pilot plant situated in the La Meta Mill, which has staff specialized in the production of special and customized flours to meet the most specific needs of clients.

  • La Meta
  • La Palentina
  • Molisur
  • Harinas Torija
  • Flours made to order

    Flours made to order

  • Standard flours

    Standard flours

  • Flours from other cereals

    Flours from other cereals

  • Special bread flours

    Special bread flours

  • By-products


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